Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Phase 2: Study of Farmers' Need For Microfinance

Preliminary Summary Results

Survey Period: February 15 – 17, 2012
Interviewer: Eric Leocadio

Total Respondents:  40
Group A:                                       Gumalang, Baguio, Davao City                      (18)
Group B:                                        Subasta, Calinan, Davao City                         (3)
Group C:                                         Tawantawan, Baguio, Davao City                  (5)
Group D/E:                                     Basiawan, Santa Maria, Davao del Sur          (14)

Male:                                                               19 respondents
Female:                                                            21 respondents
Age Range:                                                     38 – 69 years old
Average Age:                                                  53 years old

History of Borrowing:                                     85% of Respondents (34)
Average Loan Amount:                                  13,191.18 P
Loan Greater Than 10,000P                          50% of those with history (17)
Loan Less Than 10,000P                               50% of those with history (17)
Average Interest Rate:                                    7%
Used Loan for Farm:                                      58.82%
Used Loan for Personal Needs:                      55.88%
Repayment Rate:                                            100%
Average Repayment Length:                          7 months

Comfort in Borrowing or Using Credit:

Comfort Scale:                                                0 – 2  (Not at all / Little / Comfortable)
(Measured average score from respondents)

Borrowing from Bank:                                    1.05
Borrowing from Co-op:                                  1.65
Borrowing from Relative:                               1.50
Borrowing from NGO:                                   1.23
Using Credit for Inputs:                                 1.60
Using Credit for Supplies/Tools:                    1.63
Cash Advance from Trader:                           1.20

Aware of Credit Sources in Area:                  72.50%
Willing to Access Known Sources:                51.72%

Preferred Reasonable Interest Rate:               5% (average of responses)

Interested in Receiving a Microloan
   to invest in their farm:                                  98%

Method of Handling Money:

Has Bank Account:                                         28%
Keeps Cash Wallet/Purse:                               98%
Has Credit Account:                                       10%

Risk Assessment:

Lost Crops Due to Weather or Insects:          30%
(Note: Only 1 respondent cited weather (flooding) as the reason. All others cited insect or disease as the reason for the lost crops.)

Farm impacted by Weather:

Typhoon                                                          0%
Flood                                                               3%
Drought                                                           0%
Other Weather                                                0%

Participation in Cooperatives:

Member of a co-op                                          78%
Average Capital Share                                    4,097 P (average of co-op members)

Cited benefits of co-op                                   Patronage, Dividends
Other benefits from some co-ops                    Mortuary Insurance, marketing, organic 
                                                                       fertilizer, Use of Post-Harvest Facility

Literacy and Math:

Literacy Scale:                                                0 – 2 (Not at all / Little / Very Well)
(Measured average score from respondents)

Read Visayan                                                  1.88
Read Tagalog                                                  1.70
Read English                                                   1.43
Write Visayan                                                 1.85
Write Tagalog                                                 1.70
Write English                                                  1.28
Basic Math (Add/Subtract)                            1.43

Interested in Literacy and Math Classes:       98%
Interested in Business Classes:                       95%

Cacao Beans:

Ferment and Dry at Home                              27.50%
Sell Unfermented Beans                                 27.50%
Sell Wet Beans                                                42.50%
Use Co-op’s facility                                        2.50%


Average hectares:                                            1.98

Receive income from coconuts                       95% of respondents
Average income from coconuts                      6,815.22 P/month (average of income receivers)

Receive income from bananas                        60% of respondents
Average income from bananas                        2,593.42 P/month (average of income receivers)

Receive income from cacao                            93% of respondents
Average income from cacao                           2,622.54 P/month (average of income receivers)

Receive income from durian                           40% of respondents
Average income from durian                          2,064.38 P/month (average of income receivers)

Minimal income from other crops:                  Mango, Mangosteen, Lanzones, Corn

Receive income from livestock                       38% of respondents
Average income from livestock                      1,836.53 P/month (average of income receivers)

Receive non-farm income                               48% of respondents
Average non-farm income                              2,902.26 P/month (average of income receivers)

Cited non-farm income sources:                     SS Pension, Labor, Store/Shop, Rental Income,
                                                                        Buy/Sell cacao beans (wet/dry), service fees,
                                                                        Honorarium, Direct selling (avon)

Average Total Income                                   13,965.84 P/month

Average Farm Expenses                                 3,543.28 P/month
Average Family/Personal Expenses                5,875.00 P/month

Average Total Expenses                                 9,418.28 P/month

Difference (Income – Expenses)                    4,547.56 P
Percent (Income/Expenses)                             148.28%  

Respondents with Positive Net Income:        70%  (28)
Respondents with Deficit:                              30%  (12)

Respondents with income more than
   double their expenses:                                  20%  (8)

Respondents with income more than
   their expenses but less than double:             50%  (20)

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