Friday, December 2, 2011

Growing Interest in Filipino Cacao Farming

While I do not personally have a farming background, I do have a particular interest in cacao farming and how it is cultivated to produce cocoa. Eventually, I’m interested in establishing some sort of retail business involving chocolate, perhaps a cocoa cafĂ© that allows people to sample various applications of cocoa and taste chocolate produced from different regions.

In preparation for my future business, I know that I will need to learn the intricacies of cultivating cacao and educate myself about the relevant issues to cacao farming. Either way, I would like to source my cocoa from the Philippines so that it can benefit Filipino farmers. As a Filipino-American, I am particularly interested in learning more about my heritage and this will be a great way to do this. I still have family living in the Philippines. Depending on conditions, I would even consider investing in cacao farming, purchasing land, and hiring local farm workers. Perhaps I can help contribute to the cocoa production output from the Philippines.

It'll be interesting to start learning more about Filipino cacao farming and the related issues associated with it.

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